Who are these crazy kids, indeed?

We’re a tiny little team consisting of quite the motley crew. ┬áRead on for the bios!

Ash Icon

Ash Rivas

Fearless Leader, Unity dev, artist, game design, kinda everything

Ash is a weirdo who decided one day that she liked video games SO much that she just had to make them.
She does a lot of art, and a bit of crochet, and a lot of cuddling with her puppies and cat.
Has a violent addiction to sugary things, and might kill you for ice cream.

Patrick Icon

Patrick W. Zimmerman

Drinking, writing, game design, web-wrangling, Unity dev (backup)

Ph. mother-effin’ D.
Likes juxtaposing high-falutin’ theory with ridiculous subjects. & beer.
Also would like a moon base and a death ray.