Backerworld Kickstarter Launch!

It’s finally live! Our Kickstarter Commissions project, Backerworld, is up and running! It’s been in the works for a few weeks now, and we’ve got the same team working on this as on PurrPG. Which is awesome, because they’re awesome.

You can check out the page for more details, but the gist of the game is that backers get a crazy level of creative input on the game before it’s made. You can support it at different levels, from creating a playable character to creating a new map.  Backers will give their ideas to the devs, and the dev will make those ideas happen.  The main narrative and gameplay are already fleshed out, so the backers will get to incorporate their ideas into this fantasy/light steampunk world.  It’s ambitious for a game and nuts for a Kickstarter project, which is why we’re so excited to tackle it.


This is a scary project because the game isn’t made yet, but that’s also the awesome part about it. Backers get to shape it, to tell the dev what they want while the dev does all the work. It’s a cool lesson in the power of game design when combined with gamer feedback/input, and it’s something very new in the indie dev scene.

The success of this project is rooted in organization on our part and input from the backers, so it will be a true partnership where both sides have to put forth their best to make it happen. We’re excited, terrified, and freaking pumped up for the next 30 days.

Check out the page to toss your ideas at the team, and go claim your spot in Backerworld today!

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