Create Tech Dev Log

Dev Log 10: Increasing the Team and RELEASE NEWS

Buckle up, ya’ll.  We’ve got some NEWS TODAY!

First and foremost, we submitted CreateTech into the Seattle Indies Expo a few weeks ago!  This was a mad dash of cleaning things up, making things as functional as possible, and crossing fingers.  The trailer is live here, and we’re holding tight until we get submission news in mid July.  MAY TED BE WITH US.

The Team Grows

We’ve also made a big change in terms of adding another wonderful person to our little group!  Please stop by the Discord and say hi to Allie, our new social media manager!

She’s going to be helming our social media accounts and chatting with all of you amazing people on Discord and in Twitch streams, so come say hello if you haven’t already.  She’s absolutely fantastic, and we’re really excited to have her on board with this madness.  

Speaking of social media, Allie’s new regime includes Instagram!  We’re going to be active on Twitter and Facebook as well, so feel free to follow on those to see content more regularly and CHAT WITH US!


I saved this crazy news for last because it’s just too crazy to start with.  We’ve picked our launch date, and it is OCTOBER 11TH!  We’re going to have the full game on Steam, iOS, and Android that day, and wishlist options will be available in September.  We’ll also be rolling some Halloween content out shortly after launch for free, so keep eyes peeled for Ted dress up options!!

I’m so excited for this crazy little project to finally come out for everybody, and I think it’s going to be an absolutely bonkers experience getting to see it in action.  Ted is a madman and we can all delight in his apathy with full content and mobile support SOOOOOON!

He is coming.
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