Create Tech Dev Log

Dev Log 11: Upcoming Events!

This will be a quickie dev log this week, because a lot of the work we’re doing is administrative.  We are doing some spicy things, like creating a down and dirty level builder, but it’s so dirty right now that we just can’t show it.  Absolutely filthy.

But we do have some exciting news!  We’ll be bringing CreateTech to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo from October 18th to October 20th!  If you’re near Portland in Oregon, come say hi–we’ll be in the Annex on the 19th and 20th showing off the released game.  We’re also planning some exciting contests and sweet swag, so there will be plenty of cool stuff to check out!  

We did get our final verdict from Seattle Indies Expo, and while we didn’t get in, we got excellent feedback from multiple jurors. There’s a lot to assess and review, but regardless of the outcome, it was absolutely worth the entry and worth the work.

That’s the big news for this log, and keeping it short and sweet works while we keep our heads buried in the build.  We don’t get to escape into the sunshine often, because our horrible little shrunken vampire eyes would explode, so we must return to Unity and GET THE HECK TO WORK!

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