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Dev Log 12: Release Date Update and EARLY ACCESS

Well well well.  We return triumphantly from PAX West, SIX, and PAX Dev with an updating release date and some additional, equally exciting new.  Because who doesn’t like a release date adjustment?


The new release date is February 29, 2020!  There are a handful of reasons for pushing this date, but it boils down to:

  • Metrics from Steam showing the holidays as kind of a death date
  • March being insane for AAA titles
  • Leap Day being awesome and weird and we like it so there.

Because there’s some additional time to push this game out, we want to start bringing parts of it to you wonderful people early.  You know what that means–Early Access!  We’re still working out some of the finer details, but we’re planning Early Access for PC on October 14th, just in time for PRGE.

Our early release will have the entirety of System 1, polished and lovely, and will be a great way to get some feedback from everyone before we launch in February.  Our Discord will have play testing info and updates as we move towards the final launch, so if you’re interested in helping with any of that and seeing some inside scoops as we go, join the Discord here!

In other news, we’ll be streaming over on Twitch every Thursday from 3 PM PST to about 5 PM PST.  We have some events planned in addition to regular art streams, so come say hi to some pixels and weirdos!

For my parting words, enjoy some updated headshots instead, because our team is amazing. 




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