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Dev Log 15: Happy Holidays and Early Access Plans

SO!  It’s been a week since we launched CreateTech over on Steam in Early Access, and we’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has bought the game and played it!  You guys are deep in the ground zero of Ted now, and there’s no turning back.

There are a few things to cover in today’s dev log: our timeline around the holidays, and our plans for Early Access in more detail.  So let’s jump right in!

I sincerely hope he doesn’t visit any of your chimneys.

Early Access Plans

Early Access is our kick off point for the first “system” in CreateTech.  Ted will explore 3 separate systems, each with a unique theme governed by one of his coworkers.  The systems each contain 3 “planets”, which serve as the levels the player moves through to get to their final confrontation with their coworker.  Early Access features system 1 with 3 complete planets, but that’s just the start!

Our goal is to be feature complete by the end of January, which means Early Access will see some sizable updates coming throughout the month.  We’ll be pushing updates every Thursday as necessary with accompanying announcements describing the update, so you’ll be able to see what’s in that patch as it goes live.  Some of our first orders of business:

  • Adding the new systems, which means moving tiles and moving creatures 
  • Incorporating the coworker combat system, so you can have a dynamic match against a passive aggressive employee
  • Finalizing the Level Editor, where you can create your own levels and play with the creatures in a sandbox mode

Those are our big big big code / feature goals, but that’s not all you’ll see coming into Early Access.  Polish is one of our huge goals, so animations will be added and sprinkled in as you go.  Our art style is pretty solidified, but it’s growing as we move closer to the big and beautiful state of this game that Ted has always dreamed of (he hasn’t, because he’s a jerk).  

Those goals aren’t necessarily in order; as many of you probably know, coding games is freaking hard!  We do our best to stick to the plan, but we’re a tiny team, so things happen.  We’ll be providing consistent updates here and on Steam, and in our Discord, to make sure everyone is in the loop.

Holiday Breaks

We’re going to be on a Foxtopus-wide break from December 23 to January 1, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled workloads on January 2, 2020.  We’ll still have some delightful pixel art meme-ing going on our various social medias and we’ll be chattering away about Christmas presents and New Year food in our Discord, so don’t feel like you can’t say hi!  

We’ve got a big calendar of things to kick off 2020, and we’re excited to start regular streaming of various dev content soon.  We’ve done art streams and occasional development streams, but we’re always open to new suggestions.  If you’re craving some Unity or C# action, let us know and we’ll show you what’s going on under the hood too!

And with that, we’ll see everyone in the new year–have a safe and delicious holiday season, from the entire Foxtopus team (and also Ted, because he hates being left out)!



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