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Dev Log 16: Changing It Up and a New Date

A few things to go over in this dev log, ya’ll, so buckle up.  Have I intro’d with that before?  Probably.

First things first, a huge thank you to all of you who’ve joined us on Early Access so far!  We’re thrilled that people are playing this little guy, and we’re happy to have every one of you joining Ted in his chaos.  

Now let’s jump into the meat and taters.

The Timeline

SO, I’ll start with the news I like the least.  We’re going to have to delay the launch of CreateTech from February 29th to Q3, 2020.  There are a handful of reasons for this, but the most important one is that we can’t get it done on time with the quality that we want by the end of February.  I’ll go into more specifics below, but here’s our timeline at this point.  This is when we hope to have these major features completed and implemented into the Early Access build, so you should be able to see them all there on Steam.

February / Mid March: Moving systems fully implemented 

For the players: You’ll be able to play through systems 2 and 3 by the end of March.

March: Combat finished.

For the players: You’ll be able to play against the enemy AI by early April.

April: Level builder is finished after the rework in March.

For the players: You’ll be able to create your own levels and play in them by the end of April.

May: Artwork and animations are all polished!

June: All of that artwork is in the build.

For the players: A Steam build with clean juiciness will be live in June.  


Delay Details

So, why am I just putting Q3 instead of a specific month?  We’re tired of delaying and I don’t want to have to delay again, so until we’re a little closer, we’re putting the exact release date as something a little more flexible.  It’s going to release in Q3, which means July, August, or September.  And we’re sticking to that.

Why the delay specifically?  Things just weren’t getting done to the quality they needed to be.  We’ve got little tendrils in each of the pies listed above, but they’re not fully fleshed out and they’re not at the point where they’re playing well together.  The level of functionality won’t get there in time, and besides that, the polish isn’t there yet either.  The animations we’re working on, the updated cutscenes, and the smoothness is all still in progress.

Ultimately, this is something I’m not willing to compromise on.  I want this game to be good for you guys; I’m not okay with releasing something subpar just to update and patch it later.  I want you to pay for it once, and get the product you paid for, not trickle feed you the fixes after taking money.  That ain’t cool.  

This is as disappointing to us as it is to you, but it’s something we’ve come to terms with.  We’re a tiny team; only 2 people are actively working on the game, with only 1 of them coding it, so it’s not fast.  It’s something we try to balance with our other work / regular lives, so while the crunch is tempting, it’s not what we want to happen.  But, we’ve done some things in our work lives to try and keep this pacing up, so we’re feeling pretty confident from this point forward.

A new day dawns!

The Process Moving Forward

A few things are going to keep us in consistent communication with everyone, and more importantly, give you chances to chime in with feedback.  As always, our Discord is wide open for that, but we’re spitballing a few other things to try and keep everyone in the loop:

  • Weekly dev logs with an alternating format.  One week is a written log (a la this), the next is a video log, then back to written, etc etc etc etc etc.
  • Monthly dev chats live in the Discord.  Once a month, we’ll hop in to Discord to field questions and listen to your feedback live.  The team will be there, large and in charge, so you’ll get access to us both.  Hooo boy.

So hopefully this is all useful and clear, and if it isn’t, ask us questions and we’ll answer the heck out of them.  You guys and your support keep our little hearts beating, so even if we’re delayed, we want to do absolutely everything we can to make sure you’re getting something delightfully weird at the end of this tunnel. <3

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