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Dev Log 7: Fresh Starts and Progress!

A new year has dawned, which is pretty cool.  Another pretty cool thing?  PROGRESS.

We’ve had some big developments to the availability of the team, namely finishing school (woot woot game design degree) and working at home full time.  Because of this, things are freaking moving, man.  But what’s moving?  At what pace?  Who’s working on it?  When can we play the damn thing?  Let’s get these questions answered, because they’re good ones and we like answering questions.  

The Games

We’re working on Witching Hour, which you’ve seen before in previous logs.  It’s getting an engine rehaul, with new code, new platforming systems, and new attack systems all under the hood.  In addition to that, the narrative is finished!  We’ve streamlined the story, fleshed out our characters, and are prepped to move forward at a pretty solid pace.

We’re also expanding on CreateTech, a game Daniel and I made during the Seattle Indies Game Jam.  You can check out the demo for that one here, but for a quick recap: you’re a deity, and you suck at it.  But you’ve got to try and populate a planet with goofy goobers that can survive long enough to fill the place up, otherwise…you’re fired.

CreateTech has a solid demo already, so our focus has been bug testing and brainstorming how to expand it beyond the small version we currently have.  It’s rather humbling to go back and examine code you wrote in a frenzy months ago and see how absolutely bonkers it was.

The Team 

Let’s keep this one short and sweet–Patrick and myself, Ash, are the primary team for both of the games.  Daniel is hopping in for some storyboarding help, and Celine is on standby for art when we get to that point.  For now, both Patrick and I are mixing things up in code, writing, design, all of the above. 

The Plan

We’ve got a fluctuating calendar because it’s tricky to plan how to develop a game when it’s your first game.  Surprisingly, my time in school didn’t focus much on planning, so we’re firing from the hip a bit here.  These dev logs will be weekly on Fridays, and we’re going to update the numbers and stages of development for each game at the same time so you can see how we’re doing each week.  I’m also going to end each log with what we got done this week, and what we’re aiming for next week, because we’re a positive group here.  And I’m a little psychotic when it comes to lists and plans, so I make them all the time.

If we manage to stick to our calendars for both games, they should both be releasing in 2019, which would be huge.  CreateTech is likely to be finished first purely because it has a functional head start on Witching Hour at this point, which necessitates a rehaul to flush out the old code and to make it run better from the start.  We’re also going to work hard to get something entered for the Seattle Indies Expo, which would be around Labor Day!

Accomplished This Week:

  • Storyboard schedule complete (WH)
  • Level designs complete (WH)
  • Code cleaned and commented on (CT)
  • Raycasting underway (WH)

Next Week:

  • Finish the raycasting engine (WH)
  • Level design for new stages (CT)
  • Level design for individual areas (WH)
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