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Dev Log 9: Renton City Retro and Looking Ahead

It’s finally happened: Ted has made his convention debut.  His gibberish was well received, especially by kiddos.

The voice of Ted manned the booth for most of Saturday.

We had a really positive reception during the event, and got some pretty valuable feedback from everyone who played!  About 20 people played throughout the weekend, and the brunt of our players were families with little kids who absolutely loved creating creatures.  One girl played this game maybe 15 times.  She was so determined to win, it filled all of us with equal determination.

There were 4 games under the Seattle Indies banner at the event (including us), and I would HIGHLY encourage you guys check out each one of them.  Roundguard is an adorable RPG styled rogue lite that you’ll love if you love Peggle.  Deleveled was a fellow Seattle Indies Game Jam 2018 creation, and is coming to the Switch this year (I’m so ready I could cry).  Save the Date is a really cute game adaptation of traditional save the dates / wedding invites, and they had props, so how can you go wrong?    

Roundguard by Wonderbelly
Deleveled by ToasterFuel
Save the Date by Tough Cookie

We had a great time hearing what everyone had to say about the difficulty, the pixel art, creature synthesis, and theming.  Some wonderful visitors remembered the game from the Seattle Indies Game Jam and wanted to see the Chikibisci back in action–HE HAS NOT LEFT US.  He would never.  He’s very much still in the game, amorphous blob shape and all, so thank you for following his progress!

She won the game on her second try, thanks to some help from Dad.

What’s Next?

We got some great tips on potential future events, so we’re going to chat about those and see how feasible they are.  If you’ve been to Portland Retro Gaming Expo or know of other gaming expos coming up, let us know!  We’re gathering intel now, so all info is helpful.

SIX submission is coming up, and we’re on track to submit a pretty clean build for that.  If we’re lucky enough to get in, that would be an awesome event to showcase at, so fingers FREAKING CROSSED, ya’ll.  The next two weeks will be lots of bug tests and aesthetic improvements to make sure they get the best version we can give.  

So for now, we’re going to be knee deep in small improvements to give Ted all the polish and sparkle he deserves.  Stay tuned for more progress photos and screenshots as we crank out some nonsense!

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